Images Creater Direct Upload

I need help with Cloudflare Images Creator Direct Upload

should provide the upload url but it returns the following error:

ERROR 5415: Images must be uploaded as a form, not as raw image data. Please use multipart/form-data format

Also my code was working fine until a few days ago

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Dont know if they have a bug or not. As i have the same issue. This used to work, but now im getting this error.
From their documentation i think they added a form data requirement, adding the --form requireSignedURLs=true seems to work correctly again

curl --request POST --url<accountKey>/images/v2/direct_upload --header 'Authorization: Bearer <apikey>' --form 'requireSignedURLs=true'

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We identified an issue and fix is on its way. until then there is indeed a workaround to add some data to the form, like metadata or requireSignedURLs

but take into account that requireSignedURLs=true will make images private, when requireSignedURLs=false is default and essentially no-op.

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This has been fixed, sorry for inconvenience

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