Images blurry since using cloudflare

My Wordpress website is using asynchronous adaptive images, but ever since caching and using the Cloudflare CDN (today) all the images on are loaded in terrible quality. Does anyone know how I can fix this please?

It isn’t that they’re blurry, but rather than it takes a very long time for the photos to load… The higher resolution photos didn’t start loading for over a minute, and many took 25+ seconds to download.

They are showing as cache hits by Cloudflare (and in my browser cache when I didn’t keep it disabled), so this feels more like a script that tries to lazy load or otherwise load the content and this script isn’t triggering properly.

I’d suggest trying either development mode, or pausing your whole site (wait 5+ minutes), then try again and see if either fixes the issue (and if so, mention which)

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It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s due network congestion at the user’s end. I’m on a high speed network and the pictures look pretty good. You could try disabling Mirage and/or Polish and see if that helps.

Similar to @sdayman, I am on high speed network and the images seems to be clear to me.

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