Images are queued, why?


When Cloudflare is activated, images are queued for some time, as can be seen in this screenshot of the browsers network panel.

Anyone knows why that is?

Those are all waiting for your home page HTML to load. If you watch that Network window update, the home page entry shows up first, then everything else adds to the list once the home page source loads.

But it looks to me that the requests are added after the homepage html is loaded

and are then queued for some time before they load, or am I missing something?

My waterfall shows no delay between homepage completion and loading of additional assets.

Same goes for Pingdom’s waterfall view:

Ok, thanks @sdayman, the info you gave me made me able to find out what the issue was.

You’re using Firefox, and I don’t see it in Firefox either, so it must be something with Google Chrome, or an extension then.

I tested on a colleagues computer also, he saw the same thing. I then tested in Chrome incognito, then the issue was gone. I then tested in Chrome, turning off extensions one-by-one, and it got better for every extension I switched off.

So, every extension activated in Chrome, adds wait time to requests that are routed through Cloudflare.

Maybe Cloudflare & Google should speak together and find out why that is, and fix it.

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