Images are not loading on WordPress when Caching by Cloudflare

I run the site and some images are not loading on posts when Cloudflare caching is on.

Sample Post: is stealing website content (

The only way to get images loading is to Enable Development Mode on Cloudflare to bypass cache.

Sample Image(s)
laptrinhx-001.png (1400×925) (
laptrinhx-001-1024x677.png (1024×677) (

I use a Cloudflare SSL and have whitelisted all Cloudflare IPs (port t80 and 443) IP Ranges | Cloudflare UK

Also Images are not loading in the Wordpress (latest version)) post editor after I insert them?

I’m getting mostly 404 errors on that page.

Ok…but did you have SSL before you added your site to Cloudflare?

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