Images are not loading on my website

We have been using Cloudflare since Dec 2023 without issue.

Beginning yesterday, we have very few images loading on our website’s homepage, and no images loading on any category or product page.

I have checked CF documentation, and I have:

  • purged cache for URL, this did not work
  • purged cache for entire site, this did not work
  • Rocket Loader is already disabled
  • Mirage was never in use, no change
  • I have paused the site to bypass CF, this did not work
  • I have put the site into Developer mode, this also did not work.

For clarity, “this did not work” means that images are still not loading after implementing each of the steps outlined above, as directed in CF help documentation, here:

My site is

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I can see that your DNS record is set to “DNS only.” Did you change the proxy status recently?

Thanks Deanna,
I have checked with our team and the DNS record has been changed back to Proxied.
If this is the cause of our problem, can you tell me how long it will take for this change to take effect (set DNS to Proxied)?
Should it be within a few hours? or is it a few days (like NS updates)?

You need to proxy your DNS records through Cloudflare to use our image optimization. From my end, your images appear to load correctly now.

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Hi Deanna,
Yes, it did take a short while for the updates to happen, and yes some images are now loading from our Magento website/server/origin, but not all images are loading… specfically on the Product Pages.
On these pages we see the thumbnails for the ‘Related’ products, but the main images for the Product do not load.

  • Some of these related product images JPGs are converted to avif and display ok (200)
  • the remaining JPGs are not converted, remain as text/plain, and do not display (307,404)

What would be blocking these images from being ingested and processed (and displayed) by Cloudflare?

I have attached a screenshot from chrome.

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