Images are not indexed by Google using Cloudflare

I noticed in search console that images are not indexed by Google. I’m using WordPress and Cloudflare. I was looking for the solution everywhere but still can’t find any. This issue happens quite often with CDN’s, as I read. In case of other CDN providers, I found a solution by creating a custom domain to serve the content from. (a CNAME record for

The problem is Cloudflare doesn’t allow to create a custom domain or zone alias.

Though on its dashboard on dns tab, I can add cname as a subdomain, but it doesn’t work like a cdn custom domain and the content won’t be served from there.

This way, my images are served from a Cloudflare domain hence not indexed by Google on my site.

Does somebody know the solution to this?


Can you post the domain and explain what should be indexed that is not? Why should images served by Cloudflare not be indexed?

yes, my domain is:

None of my images from the whole domain are indexed by Google.

an example of a post:

Here is how to solve it :

But as I mentioned, this can’t be applied in case of Cloudflare.

Any idea?

So, https:// onlinebizbooster .net/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/skills2.jpg for example?

I have quickly checked your robots.txt and it does not seem to prevent the image from being indexed. Could there be any other setting? The image itself seems fine, what makes you think it is because of Cloudflare?

All the settings seem fine. I’m using Yoast SEO, and only the images are not indexed. Search console show that all the images are submitted but none of them are indexed. When I type into google: - and switch to images tab, nothing is shown.

Im not 100% sure but I think it is because of Cloudflare. There are a lot of articles about indexing images problem with CDN’s. On my wp dashboard everything is optimized.

As a last resort, I might deactivate Cloudflare later to check if indexing is working that way.

Well, Cloudflare is not a CDN in the first place but your images seem to load just fine. I’d really try some Google dashboard to check if it says anything about why it doesnt index them.

I have 3 sites. I changed all of them to use Cloudflare a couple weeks ago and immediately after ALL 3 of them started losing images indexed by google rapidly and they are all at 0 now.

I view the site map in the google dashboard and the image shown there with that URL loads fine so it is not in the sitemap. I get no warnings. It is not in robots.txt


Hi, I am facing the Same problem on

Recently I’ve switched to Cloudflare and noticed that my images are not indexing in Google. Please help me to get out me this problem.

I have the same problem since going with Cloudflare that the images are not being indexed by Google. I wonder if it’s because I have a shared SSL cert provided by Cloudflare that does not list my company as owner?

does hotlink prevention in Cloudflare is enabled?

I added the $5/month Cloudflare SSL certificate that shows your company name and now my images are indexed by google. If the others with no indexing are on the free plan with the shared cert, then maybe this is the problem.

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