Images are not hard caching


Domain :

I have all images hard cached.

When I run tests - some images load quickly , others of similar size take 10x longer to load:

Why do some files take 15ms to load while others take 300ms irregardless of their size ?

Your backend is pretty messed up.

Very long TTFB.

Your cache is set to DYNAMIC. And expires on 1981. So something is wrong there.

I have page rules to hard cache all images , CSS an JS.
Yes I don’t understand this either.


Polish: Lossless, Browser Cache TTL: a year, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month

You are saying that my images are not being hard cached?
Can someone please explain why Cloudflare are ignoring page rules ?

The cache rules you are describing are for how long the browser can use a cached image without requesting it from the source.

Cloudflare keeps cached files on an edge node depending on how often it is accessed and how busy the edge node is.

Chances are Cloudflare is removing images from the edge node as they are not accessed regularly, so the request has to go to your source server, resulting in the long loads. Remember Cloudflare is not a proper CDN (ie permanent hosting of images)

We found Cloudflare was not suitable for our image hosting as images were getting removed from edge nodes if they weren’t accessed every 10-15 minutes, so we run our images off a dedicated image CDN.

So if my logo image is not viewed after 15 minutes then Cloudflare deletes it from their cache ?

If I purchase this…

Use Cloudflare’s persistent storage to increase cache times

Will this help ensure that my images are loaded from Cloudflare and not requesting server ?

I send Cloudflare an email , after spending hundreds of dollars with them - and they respond that they cannot deal with my question (auto bot response).

This is ridiculous.

I see a lot of back and forth human conversation on 2714162, do you have a duplicate ticket that we should merge into that discussion? Seems something related to cloudfront, but on the ticket can you please share the report with and without Cloudflare so that the team can compare the performance?