Images are loading slowly

I’ve started using Cloudflare Images on my dev site (WordPress), and am noticing a sometimes seconds long delay when loading an image directly from

The size of that specific variant is just 200-300kb. I would expect it to load almost instantly.

Sometimes even the thumbnail size takes seconds to load, and that variant is just 10-20kb.

Is there a performance issue, or do I need to add something to the tag or header for it to load with a “normal” speed?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


How would I go about talking to someone about expected speeds? Currently the speeds are too slow to be used on a live site, and I’ve tried to alleviate it with Cloudflare workers and caching etc. First load sometimes takes seconds.

If I can’t find a solution I have to abandon CF images.

No need to answer anymore. I will be moving over to an Amazon S3 bucket instead.

You should make a ticket about it,

but yes for an uncached image i’m seeing TTFB between 200 and 1800(!) milliseconds depending on geographic location

hey I experience the same on a test website, if you move the images to the root page they load much faster but seems like Cloudflare is slowing free sites to the level that it almost makes no sense to use Cloudflare as instead of improvement you can visually see the slowness of content loading.

I also move to netlify but I hope to return once it is fixed.

Got the same problem. The image only 26KB takes 2.3s to load.
I don’t know how can they serve too slow like that.

I’ve made a ticket about this, ticket ID 2378514

I ran Measure TTFB from 35 Locations - SpeedVitals against a 15KiB image that I uploaded and the results were quite poor:

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Check to see if you are serving an AVIF, WebP or JPG/PNG version of the image as AVIF has much higher resource usage requirements to convert for so if it’s initial AVIF converted/served image it could have a higher TTFB.

TTFB depends on 2 aspects, the client location and server configuration and the target server’s location and server configuration. Either one of these has variations or changes between locations, then you’d have variances for TTFB. Just take testing tool comparisons between Measure TTFB from 35 Locations - SpeedVitals and Performance Test - Check URL Speed From 10 Global Locations | KeyCDN Tools and for the same target URLs

Though I’ve tested my CF Images and not seeing that slowness right now

Direct CF Image Url

Testing with KeyCDN direct CF Image URL

and with my CF Worker serving the CF Image URL on my own domain - slower image request but faster Core Web Vitals as the images served on own domain behind Cloudflare has more optimal critical render path and HTTP request prioritization that serving off 3rd party domain

Testing with KeyCDN with CF Worker fronted CF Image URL

Are your tests against an uncached image?

In the speedvitals response headers (testing against this url): it seems that image/jpeg is being served

And also very high TTFB testing with KeyCDN (again, a test with only an uncached image)

They’re tested as is for images actually in use so I suspect they’d be a mix of cached, miss and re-validations from what I can see. The highest TTFB seems to be when the image is in cache state = revalidation

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