Images are blocked with the cache

Hello, I am facing problems with cloudflare in terms of blocking images.

I try several pulgin cache for wordpress, and when I turn on cloudflare after a few minutes it starts blocking images on my site.

When I clear the cache or go back to developer mode, after clearing the browser cache the images come back.

I tested all possible cache settings, as well as the cache time. It happens with all cache pulgin.

I had to remove my sites from cloudflare, can you help me?

I have done everything that is advised in other posts by people with the same problem here in the community and it doesn’t work.


Did you turn on a plug-in that converts images to webp on the fly?

Doing such optimisation on your origin will lead to the kind of behaviour you are seeing. You can get this functionality using Polish, but need to turn off the WebP conversion plugin in Wordpress.

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Yes, I am using a pulgin to convert to webP.

I will disable and I will test. I’ll be back with news.

Thank you @michael

Remember to purge the assets from the Cloudflare cache when testing.

Hi @michael.

I want to thank you for your help.

It worked really well.

It was the pulgin that converts the images into webP.

I never suspected pulgin, because I used cloudflare with the pulgin litelspeed cache and it converted to webP and I never had any problems.

I did not test the … that you sent me, but when the site recovers I will buy.

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