Images and Scripts not working

Greetings All! New here and just transferred a domain over to Cloudflare (to renew for another year) from Godaddy. Now that the transfer is complete, the some of the images (its a one page site) do not show up - only the Alt text. Also the javascript music player does not show up properly. I’m sure I’m not to experience this. Can someone guide my in at least the right direction to troubleshoot this? I’ve opened a ticket up for this as well. I would hate to have to go back get the DNS records changed back to Godaddy. Thanks so much in advance!

Without knowing the domain name, I’m afraid we can’t offer any specific advice.

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Apologies! And thanks for taking a look at this. The site is

It’s trying to load images over HTTPS. Was your site using HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

I fixed this! I had to add the subdomains to the dns for the missing images, audio, and scripts.

I just tested that and it now works.

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Thanks so much @sdayman for helping.

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