Images and other content randomly not loading

A strange issue is happening with so I’m curious what you think of it.

Using WPBakery and the7 theme.

Sometimes images will load, other times the same images don’t load (using lazy load for most images). Images are served via shortpixelai, but since other content also randomly doesn’t load maybe it’s not because of shortpixel.


The page consists out of 5 rows: text block 1, text block 2, gravity form 1, gravity form 2, empty space.

When I load the page one of these 3 things will happen (regardless of clearing browser cache):
– Only Gravity form 1 loads
– Only text block 2 and gravity form 1 loads
– Everything loads properly

Reloading with ctrl F5 will usually give improperly loaded pages, F5 is usually/always OK.

I cleared my browser, wordpress cache and cloudflare cache. What other steps can I take to troubleshoot?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking at the site with one load and nothing jumps out at me as broken. (then again, I’m not sure what it should look like) I also have my browser’s Dev Tools open just to check. Looking at the Network and Console tabs should give you good insight into why something isn’t loading.

My apologies, I gave the wrong link, this is the correct one (although the issue can happen on any page, it happens most on this page):

I should look like this:

But often the page looks like this:

I don’t know how to recreate the issue. It seems to be random (but of course it can’t be). Hitting F5 will sometimes fix the broken page, sometimes not.

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