Images and backend issue after activation

After Cloudflare activation, the images and videos on our website stopped working. Our Wordpress backend also is not accessible, keeps saying page isn’t working. Any advice? Not sure what went wrong in the registration. The DNS records are accurate and I changed the nameservers accordingly.

Was your domain working on HTTPS before you used Cloudflare?

I believe Wordpress was still set as http

The site needs to load fine on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare. Pause Cloudflare and check if it loads on HTTPS. Contact your host to get it fixed, if it does not load.

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I contacted who I thought was our host but they said the servers are now connected to Cloudflare and they can’t help. Given this, I’m afraid of pausing cloudflare.

That statement is unfortunately incorrect, as you are still using your host and your host did not configure a proper certificate.

You need to pause Cloudflare so that you connect directly to your host and for them to fix that.

So what should I ask the host to do exactly?

To fix your site. It needs to load fine on HTTPS.

We didn’t have SSL with our original host so they’re saying it is not HTTPS. They charge for SSL certification which is why we decided to use cloudflare

I am afraid that is not how it works

Change host if your current one does not fulfill your requirements.

You can always get a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

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