Image Uploading Slow While Using Cloudflare

Hi there,

I have created a new website
It is hosted on a VPS server.
When I added my website to Cloudflare, I faced an issue- images are uploading slow in blog posts and media library.
After removing the website from Cloudflare images uploading within a fraction of seconds.
What can be a problem?
My other websites have no such issue.
What should I look at and fix, because I found lost of changes on the Cloudflare?
Is there any standard settings for Cloudflare to set up a blog on Cloudflare to run a website smoothly.

Waiting for a positive response.



Thank you for writing in about your issue with slow image loads when using Cloudflare. There are many possible reasons for this, including that when images (and other static content) aren’t cached by the Cloudflare edge, we have to reach out to the origin server to retrieve them. This creates extra latency the first time Cloudflare tries to access these files, because we have yet to cache them.

However, once cached, these images reside at the edge locations closest to your visitors, dramatically speeding up image loads. These images are only stored for a period of time, and are removed from cached if they are not accessed frequently. Therefore, it could also be that your blog does not receive enough traffic, and so the cached images are purged. You can configure the TTL for cached assets from within the dashboard.

You can also troubleshoot these issues using your browser’s developer tools to analyse why the images take so long to load. Alternatively, you can also reach us at [email protected] if you would like help with this.


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His question is about uploading images, not downloading them.

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I’m asking about uploading issue while using the Cloudflare not the downloading issue. Kindly guide me.

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