Image upload availability in the last 30 days has been a disaster

Combining the 22 hour outage last time ( and today’s ( 36+ one we are looking at solid two nines of service availability.

To be fair, I am not sure if I should count the last one as full 36 hours since Images were only completely down for 6+ hours and after that failing anywhere in 10% to 70% range of uploads. I also recognize that Image service has not been impacted both times (which would’ve been extra not fun).

Speaking of the last outage, there were no direct follow-up or acknowledgment from Cloudflare, neither via email or any comments in my original forum post (really disappointing) and no offers of make-good compensation (absolutely not expected as a non Enterprise client, but this is what separates great service from meh one).

Same as last time the Image services status has not been correctly reflected, my monitoring saw first issues at 11:54 UTC (right as the outage started), but I can see the earliest mention of Images only 80 minutes later. Through the outage the status of degraded performance of Image was not communicated well, while many other projects got detailed status. Only closer to the end of outage the Images status was mentioned in the updates.

I totally get it, both of the last two outages had serious reasons behind them, but I am paying premium to Cloudflare specifically because I do not want to think of such issues and expect the service not go down for day(s).

Reading the latest postmortem ( also left me very disappointed (and I’ve written and read a lot of postmortems), a huge portion of it has been dedicated to blaming the Data Center, which is absolutely crazy. Spending so much of the postmortem shifting blame to the service provider instead of focusing on how much you messed up that a single point of failure brought down everything is so unprofessional…

So far my Cloudflare (Image) experience has been a huge net negative, I will see if Cloudflare would comment here or follow up proactively in any other way (seriously doubt it), but I think this business relationship is over and it’s time to migrate.

Hope these notes would help other people when making a choice whether to use Cloudflare Images in the future.

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