Image updating on website host server but not Cloudflare. Problem Returned

I have an image on my website that updates every 60 seconds. I have checked the image and its updating on my namecheap website host server but not on the web using cloudflare.
I have purged the image cache which is a temp fix but after that the image still won’t update to the latest file.

The address of the image is

I have added a page rule for the image but this has stopped working for some reason.

Any further things i can try??

x-turbo-charged-by: LiteSpeed
cache-control: public, max-age=604800

May I ask is there any type of a cache at the Web server for static files?

Not as far as i’m aware. It only became an issue a few months ago and was working fine up to then.

Edit: It seems Namecheap updated their web servers to Litespeed recently so maybe this has something to do with the problem. Not sure

If I force a refresh in my browser, it loads an updated image.

The page rule is working. It shows cf-cache-status as DYNAMIC.

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I have a code within that page that auto updates the image but its the standalone page that is causing issues.
A check again now and it seems to be updating after a page refresh which is wasn’t doing earlier.
I provide the image to and its showing 13 hours ago they got an updated image.
All very erratic performance in general compared to a few months ago.

I do believe this is a Cloudflare issue as i have turned on Development mode and the image is updating as it should do.