Image Sizing and other image questions

I just signed up for CF Images and have a question about image sizing and some other stuff. I’m not super techy and am a bit frustrated at the lack of documentation or YouTube videos on this CF option for images.

I thought when CF serves the images, it automatically serves the appropriate size. Is that not the case? I added a screenshot of a map that has icons, but the icons are massive. So I’m wondering what the deal is.

Also, for new image uploads to my media library, can I upload only one image size and turn off the additional image sizes WP creates?

Lastly, if the images have been offloaded to CF, do I still need to keep copies of them in my wp-content folder, or can I delete?


Images don’t do resizing automatically, sized have to be specified by passing width and height to the image.

You can set responsive images if it suits you by using srcset attribute, see here Make responsive images · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

Documentation on Images is here Cloudflare Image Optimization · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs.

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