Image search 'nudity' failes to block images

A month ago I pointed my router DNS to / wanting a solution for my family in blocking adult content and images. Today I thought to run a test using DuckDuckGo for my search engine and adult images displayed when I turned off Safe Search. I tried different browsers and after a few tries, suddenly the images were again blocked as desired.

I am on macOS Big Sur and confirmed that the settings for DNS in Network / both Wireless and Ethernet under Advanced were set to and (same as my Router). My IP Provider assigns me a Dynamic IP address but that shouldn’t be a factor since my outbound requests go through Cloudflare servers, no matter what my IP address is.

Why would the filtering at first not work, then on a second or third try with the same search criteria filter out Adult images? I’m looking for bullet proof, 24/7 effectiveness in blocking Adult sites and images.

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