Image Resizing Workers now available on Pro Plan?


I’m trying to get image resizing working with CF workers.

I’m currently on the Pro plan, and have enabled the Image Resizing capability in the settings (Pro allotment is 50k requests). Is this a new feature available on the Pro plan? All documentation still mentions that Image Resizing is limited to the business plan or higher.

Is this just a case of outdated documentation? Or do I need the business plan to enable image resizing with workers?

That came up in the thread below, but we haven’t yet heard back from @gloria.

Thanks for the reply.

I have confirmed that Image Resizing definitely works with our Pro plan using the URL format. However, I’m unable to get the sample workers code delivering a resized image. It only returns the original image.

I’m using the sample code located here:

Where I specify a sample image to resize set in

const imageURL = "";

The fact that the sample code simply returns the base image (unresized) makes me wonder if CF workers don’t allow resizing on the Pro plan. ?

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I got the image resizing working with the CF workers. I simply didn’t have the route setup, as I was using the generic domain instead of the domain on the Pro plan.

Hope this helps someone else:

  1. You can now use Image Resizing on the Pro Plan.
  2. It works with both the URL format and CF Workers
  3. When using workers, make sure you set the worker route to the domain on your Pro plan, NOT the generic