Image resizing with elementor

So cloudlfare crashed in Mexico for about three hours or four hours on Saturday. Once it came back up all my custom sized images displays in my website don’t resolve to display the correct sizing.

It was working perfectly before. my site is ssl. I have a certifcate. I use elementor for the slide.
It shows I am on a full SSL selection, not Flex. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you referring to If so, you are on a business plan, right?

Whats the domain and post example of which images dont get resized.

I am not asking cloudflare to resize I am asking them to follow the rules of the elementor as it is suppose to do it, It was working perfect until the crash and I don’t think we are on a business plan.

Shouldn’t it work the same as before. does not list any “crashes”, so whatever happened must have happened on your server.

If that is some server-side resizing you will need to check that on your server, that will be classic web debugging. The same goes for if it is something JavaScript related.

The only thing where Clouflare could be involved could be the cache. Try purging the Cloudflare cache for starters.

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And one more thing, try to disable Rocket Loader too. Though, if it worked before it shouldnt be the reason, but you can try.

Actually all the other hosted sites on my server were working just not anything using cloudflare. At the time, no one in Mexico could see any of those sites. Regardless I called my server and they could see it. In fact everyone in the USA could, just not in Mexico. After about 4 hours they all came back up.

I cleared the cache already here and on the site. I will try to locate rocket loader. I am not sure where it is.

If it is not cache related, you should check Rocket Loader. If it isnt Rocket Loader either it must be something on your server. You can also try to pause Cloudflare altogether (on the Overview screen) and check if it works when not using the proxies.

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