Image resizing: Support the `trim` parameter in the "URL Format" approach

Right now, the trim parameter to strip parts of the image away before resizing is missing from the URL Format integration option and is only available for the Workers approach.

Rather than me build a worker that parses the parameters in exactly the same way as the /cdn-cgi/image/ image endpoint but with trim support, would it be possible to add it in please?

Hi @tobias1,

Are there any plans to add the trim parameter to the URL format approach?

Everything else is ready to replace our entire resizing pipeline, but the trim parameter only being in workers is quite a drag. It essentially means to do this in the way we need, I’d need to build a worker that parses all the parameters, including trim and then drops them into the options object. I suspect this is exactly what your URL format approach is doing but it’s just ignoring that parameter right now!