Image Resizing Service for Entire Account

Hi, we build static sites for small business owners. We have about 50 of those in production hosted on Netlify. We were very excited to migrate to Cloudflare Pages for all the perks that comes with using Cloudflare.

One very important feature is the ability to resize images. Netlify has that feature for free for all of our sites. We don’t mind paying for that feature but from what my research has uncovered is that we would have to pay $20/mo for each individual domain name…which is a little ridiculous.

A much better option in our case is a service that applies to ALL our domains in our account. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be an option.

I actually think that image resizing is a Business plan feature, so $200 per month per domain, plus usage. Not sure why it’s limited this way, as you pay per resize anyway.

Your customers domains should not be on your account. In the event of any issue between you, (hit by a bus, billing dispute etc.) your customers will not have access to their domains, and you can hold them hostage for whatever reason.

The owner of the domain should be the person who creates a Cloudflare account, which automatically makes them the Super Administrator. After the owner creates their account, they can add their domain to their account and invite other users as administrators.

You might be better off on a Partner setup if you have a lot of customers.


It is, yeah. It’s 100k/month included, with the rest paid per resize. 10M/month on the Enterprise plan.

You can always resize them directly at build, albeit it might be problematic or use a third-party service. There was a beta about a similar service for Cloudflare, but it’s not yet available.

This thread threw an interesting twist (it shows up on Pro plans) which has yet to be resolved:

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We do not hold their domains, we manage their DNS. If they want their domains nameservers to point elsewhere they can.

But a simple stand alone image resizing service like “pages” that isn’t tied to each domains would be ideal…that way we can simply pay for what we use.

Agreed. There is an Images Beta, @zaid might have information on its progress.

There have been too many instances where this setup has caused grief for the customer. You can still manage it in their account. It should make little difference to you, but a customer moving their DNS to another provider gets really messy really quickly.

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Agreed, so much.

It truly depend what is the business model, what is the scale of the business,who is the client, etc.
Managing 1000 sites with 1000 different accounts with 1000 2FA login is not wise decision and is simply not practical.

It might be a good practice at a certain scale and for certain business models, but in our case, we have plans in place so that our clients, no matter what happen, have a stellar experience even if they move away from our service.

You have one account, with 1 2FA login, with access to all accounts, split per owner. Each owner gets it’s own billing, they can see everything and you can interact. In addition, you have a log that shows who did what, in case of issues.

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