Image Resizing Requests

I recently started using the image resizing service. Our “Hit” count on the billing dashboard FAR FAR exceeds what I was expecting.

The number of resize requests seems like nothing is getting cached and the resize service is running for every single request.

The source response has a 1year cache-control header…

cache-control: public, max-age=31536000

The resized request also has this 1 year cache control.

I use the resizing service once or twice on roughly 800 pages in total, yet the billing console shows almost as many resize events as we get pageviews a day.

Support was not helpful, pointing to a basic document. Thanks support!

Anyone here have ideas? Maybe its one resize operation per data center?

Hi mgurtzweiler,

I did take a look at your ticket as well as the account you are wanting in-depth details on the image resizing billing. In order for support to reply to you with those details please have the Super Administrator for the account reply to that ticket requesting that information, and they can then review the actual usage for the account for the past billing period. Please note that the support team can only share account-specific billing details with the Super Administrator.

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