Image Resizing Requests Counting and Cache Expiry

The Cloudflare Image Resizing service is billed by the number of resizing requests. Free for under 50,000 requests, and $9 per 50,000 if that’s over.

I have a site with less than 1000 images. From my understanding, there shouldn’t be any resizing requests after all these images are resized and cached for the first time. However, I noticed in the billing usage that every day there are resizing requests, and some days may even have more than 4k+ requests. So I wonder:

  • How exactly are resizing requests calculated?
  • How frequent is the resized image cache refreshed? Do we have any visibility or control on that via Cloudflare dashboard?

Like any cached resource here, they are often evicted early if there’s not as much demand for them as other requests going through that node. Then you’ll get charged again for the new request at that node. And every node is independent, so there’s extra billing there as well.

There’s no control over extending time in cache, and the only visibility is through cache analytics.

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