Image resizing price. Confusion. Help please

Hello, I have purchased the pro plan with the idea of ​​getting change of images for my website. However, this has cost me a lot and I didn’t think I was going to pay more than my pro membership.

In a few days my site has consumed a total of: $315 US dollars. Which were automatically charged to my paypal account. (This is a huge amount)

It’s confusing because it doesn’t clearly specify this for PRO plans. I had no idea that he was charging me almost $20 a day for this. Even on the settings page, there is no alert indicating current spending.

I’m also sure I read that I have an additional 100,000 changes and would be charged $9 for each additional 100k.

This is very confusing and my great discomfort is that I am paying too much for something that I thought was going to be free for me.

Could someone from support help me?

Could you please consider my case and make a discount?

Thanks in advance.

Ticket Case number: 2368083

Hi @user22641,

The community cannot assist you with this, please email [email protected] and post the ticket number here when you receive it.

I agree the docs could be made clearer on the pricing. says it’s available for PRO/BIZ/ENT but does not clearly state the pricing which is at Perhaps @cwaters can pass this feedback along.


Thanks for the tag, @domjh. We don’t include pricing content in dev docs, but we can probably improve the connection to the place with that info (aka the product pages). I’ll pass this feedback along to the images writer!


I hope you can help me a little with this. I have sent a message to the collections department as indicated by @domjh.

However, the department has given me a logical and somewhat robotic answer.

They explained to me how everything works and they are right. However the current problem is that I have not been sure what I did.

Possibly much of the blame, however the information on the Cloudflare dashboard is unclear.

So I have been a victim of the little information on this panel.

Imagine what it must be like to pay for a $20 PRO plan, and then get a bill of $315 for something you thought would be free or that you would not charge such a large amount.

I guess I’m not the first to have this problem. Something as expensive as this must have precise indications.

So when something is inaccurate I have the right to appeal.

Just some help please.

Unfortunately we cannot help with this here. You are welcome to reply to [email protected] and plead your case but I’m afraid we have no power to influence their decisions.

If you post the ticket number here someone from billing may see and have a look.


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