Image Resizing not working


I activated a Professional Plan to have the Image resizing option that is a huge improvement on my Pagespeed insight, however, it’s been 4 days now and I still don’t have any resized image.
As you can see, no Image resizing request :

I also activated the Polish option in lossless mode with WebP option and I still have the “Serve images in nextgen formats” error on Pagespeed Insight.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot for your help

You need to know how Image Resizing works before you activate it.

What’s the website?


Looks like your images are very optimized in your origin, so Cloudflare decided not to process the images again.

Also, there are some images which are not hosted on your own domain (external images), so those images are not subjected to your CF Polish configuration.

To learn more about cf-polished status, read this article:

Regarding Image Resizing, if you already read the developers documentation that I shared earlier, you’ll know that your image URLs need to insert some query strings in order for Image Resizing to work.

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