Image Resizing Cost Breakdown?

I’m a bit confused on how the Image Resizing cost is calculated.

For example, what happens if 10 different visitors go to a page with 2 images that get resized.

Do the images on that page get resized each time for those 10 visitors (20 requests), or do the 2 images get resized and cached for the first visitor then the cached version gets served up to the following 9 visitors (2 requests)?


This has definitely been a point of confusion. Resizing billing is based on uncached image resizing.

Just remember that cache is not infinite in duration, and seldom accessed resources are the first to be evicted from cache.

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Ok, but I still don’t know how things are billed. I don’t care if all the images on my site must be recached every 30 days, but I need a better idea of how to figure costs so I can inform my client.

Also, will a single image get cached in multiple sized based upon desktop, tablet, and phone size (that is a single image gets cached 3 times and count as 3 requests due to size)?

This can get quite expensive if you have an ecommerce site with lots of pictures on each page and come as a rude surprise after enabling it not knowing how it will get billed.


Each different resize generates a different object that can be cached. Each of those is a separate resize. 100,000 users accessing those cached objects are not counted at all.

In your example above, you would be billed for 2 image resizes, not 20 (provided the images are still in cached. An image not accessed for 30 days will almost definitely be evicted.)

Separate to image resizing, but your Clients domain should be in the Clients Cloudflare account, not yours. They should be super administrator, and they can invite you to their account as an Administrator if needed. That way you getting hit by a bus or other events does not result in your client losing access to their domains.


This is the client account – I just have access. Thanks!

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