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Hi I am so confused, where would I go and change my img src url? In my cpanel? In Cloudflare somewhere? Please help!

If you’re referring to the blog post from May and have a Business or Enterprise level plan, it involves a coding change in your site’s software. cPanel doesn’t have a way to initiate this because it’s a very custom setting specific to your site.

Thanks so much for your reply. I have read this, where do I change the url of the images? In the actual administrative back-end of my site?

You’re going to have to modify the codebase of your site. It’s a developer-level change, rather than an administrative change.

But then surely that can be done in my cpanel? My hosting cpanel that is. I am quote good at doing this myself, If I could only know where to do it. I would really appreciate the support. I must say that I moved onto the business package in the hope that this would help with the speed of my mobile site especially but so far it has not done much.

Nope. cPanel isn’t going to know which images you want resized. Imagine a home page with a big header image, and a bunch of thumbnails. Those need different dimensions. Then you click on a thumbnail and go to a page. That page may have the same large header, but the other images are bigger than a thumbnail. Even then, those images are often different sizes from each other.

Plus you want those images even smaller for mobile, so you need different resize code for those visitors.

For your mobile visitors, Pro Plans and above include Mirage and Polish in the Speed settings section (Optimization) that should help some.

I actually changed over to business plan for the image resizer, if this is not going to work then Id rather go back to pro, the cost is 80% more for a plan that has no more value what so ever over the other plan. Thanks Ill ask for a refund and try and figure out another way.

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