Image Resizing can't decode animated webp?

I’m setting up my site to use the image resizing feature, which works great, except when I send it an animated webp. I tried several files from different sources, they all return this error.

ERROR 9516: Could not resize the image: error during decoding: Error while decoding WebP image. The file may be incomplete or damaged

Does Cloudflare not support animated webp? I’ve read through the documentation and could find no mention of it. If this is the case, could we put a note in this doc.?

Or am I just doing something wrong for that request? Here’s an example,width=160,fit=cover,gravity=auto,format=webp,metadata=none,quality=90,anim=true/img/tmp/e0bc946ddea9e134ffe80484d50f21d7.webp

It produces the same error if I set anim=false.

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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