Image resize by cf worker not work

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m using a free worker to generate thumbnails for test. but it doesn’t work as expected.
The worker id is

	let response;
	if (isThumbnail) {
		response = await fetch(url, {
			cf: {
				image: {
					fit: "scale-down",
					width: 450,
					height: 450,
					metadata: "none"

        if (response.ok) {
            console.log("is thumbnair response ok");
            return response;
        } else {
            url.pathname = b2UrlPath + pathNotFound;
			console.log("is thumbnair response bad");
            return fetch(""); // change to a URL on your server
	console.log("is original response ok");
    response = await fetch(url, {cf: {polish: "lossless"}});

when I debug at dashboard, it run into right branch, but not resized output.

You need a Business plan for resizing and the script needs to be mapped to the plan’s domain.

:cry: could I only pay for the image resize feature?
cause $200 for full Business Plan is too expensive for me…

I am afraid features are not separately available but only as part of their plans.

:sob: ok. thanks for your reply any way.