Image queries - Serve images without image id

I wanted to be able to use Cloudflare images for storing the images, multiple transformations and users being able to upload/downloading using client such as WinSCP for the management side.

The images will be used across multiple eCommerce websites.

Previously, I was using CDN77 and they recently moved from FTP to S3 but the business I work for wanted to look at other options.

  • User would upload files using FileZilla free (then moved to WinSCP due to S3 support)
  • Nightly job which would do multiple transformations such as changing background, and resizing.
  • They regularly download batches of files for customers and send them

So, my questions are:

  1. How do I use my domain URL and serve images without knowing the image id?
  2. How can I upload files to Images via WinSCP or a similar tool? For uploading and downloading?
  3. How can I do multiple transformations on a single image?

I’ve read the documentation but it doesn’t seem like I can avoid using the image id:


It looks like your use case is a bit complicated for Images, I’d suggest to look into R2 + Image Transformations.

So you can upload images to R2 using S3 api, and apply all necessary transformations on top of them.

Using workers you can run necessary transformations to fetch, manipulate using Image transformations and update files in R2.


I’ll look into that, appreciate the response. Thanks.

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