Image Preview

I dont have the Preview feature in Images, hence I don’t have the Preview URL, so cant publish any images. I have paid for this service, and am disappointed that there is no support available, especially as it is a new service. It feels like, Take my money and run.

What am I missing?

I’ve never heard of that being part of the Images dashboard when listing images. I do know each Image has its own page by clicking on the image name, and that will show you the image, plus the Image ID you can use in the Image Delivery URL:

You can also get the Image URL by copying the Public URL:

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In all of the setup videos I have seen, the preview capability is available, see below:

Bummer. That looks like a neat feature. I see that Images/Variants/Keys are now in the side menu, as well as other layout changes. Even going super-wide in my browser window doesn’t make that column show up.

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