Image Polish not working

Hey all

New to CF with Pro. I’ve enabled Mirage and Polish Lossless checked WebP. I also tried Polish Lossy with no change in the below results.

Dr.Flare shows I get cf-cache-status HIT for images but jpg/png only - first time expired, then HIT. No header record of cf-polish. I tried purging file by file to debug but not getting results I purged all too. Results are the same, no polish headers.

Images not from external domain but domain to be cached.
Image url:

I ran SpeedpageInsights and got Serve images in next-gen formats with this image shown, so it’d appear it can be optimized.

Can someone please shed some light?

Thank you for your help, Sergio

Your server appears to send a cache control header which prevents Cloudflare from changing the image


You’d need to change that on your server.

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