Image paths fro google

I want google to crawl cached image urls in Cloudflare, not my site.
(I have stopped google crawling images in my site)

I have Cloudflare page rule set up:

Is this enough. Will google use a clloudflare path fro site images rather than a url with my domain in it ?

If the image is cached at Cloudflare then that’s where Google would have gotten it. Stopping Google from crawling images on your site probably isn’t the right approach.

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well when i look at the path to the image in google, the url contain my original domain, not a Cloudflare path.
How can i check that Cloudflare is actually caching my images?

i thought that happennd automatically. I may have missed a step in Cloudflare setup

Cloudflare isn’t a traditional CDN with its own path or subdomain. All site traffic routes through Cloudflare by default.

If Google hits your site via Cloudflare, it may or may not pull a cached version, depending on:
How long you have Edge Cache TTL set
How popular that image is (more popular files stay in cache longer)
Which Cloudflare POP Google hits (every POP is like its own separate CDN)

As a user, the only way to tell if the image was pulled from Cache or not is to look at the response headers for HIT/MISS/etc. The only way to tell if Google hit the cache is…you really can’t because it won’t show up in logs. You’d just know if it missed the cache if it’s in your server log.


Google will crawl your images through your domain- definitely allow the crawler.

Click on the analytics tab in the Cloudflare Admin. “Requests Through Cloudflare” & “Performance” will give you a general picture of how well it’s working. Also if you go into development mode, you’ll most likely see an increase in bandwidth usage at your server.

For seo reasons, what i need to do is change the path to the image.jpg on my site so if a visitor get an image from Cloudflare, it does not contain my origin domain.

So they will not see
Instead the will see a url that does not contain my domain
How do i set that up in Cloudflare?

That’s not a feature Cloudflare offers. We only cache images for URIs associated with a customer’s domain. Why would you not want images associated with your domain for SEO purposes?