Image optimization with Cloudflare Pages?

I’m trying to find any information on how image optimization works with Pages.

The docs don’t mention specific details.

The Pages home page says “image compression out of the box”

The Pages GA announcement blog post says “we now use Polish to compress your images”.

The Polish documentation says:

Polish automatically optimizes the images on your site. When an image is fetched from your origin our systems automatically optimize it in our cache. Subsequent requests for the same image will get the smaller, faster, optimized version of the image.

However, none of the images on my site ( seem to be impacted. Subsequent loads of the image are not optimized in any way. None of the Polish headers are present.

Anyone know how to do this properly?

My doubt is that they Polish them at generation/copy. So they don’t get redone each time. Do you have an original non generated through Pages?

That definitely might be the case, but it would be nice to have it documented somewhere if so

@MoreHelp - ticket number 2208582