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We use the “Polish” functionality of Cloudflare with the setting “Lossy” and “WebP” enabled. We’re just not seeing the site’s images appear as WebP. We are thinking about using the Imagify plugin ( ) but we are afraid that there is some incompatibility with Cloudflare. Is there any recommendation in this regard? What would be the best way to convert JPG to WebP and optimize image size? Thanks

My website too uses imagify but there is no such problem

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What’s the website?

This is the website: MundoBoaForma - O Melhor Conteúdo do Mundo da Boa Forma

Does your website uses Polish > Lossy and WebP feature? Thanks

No we don’t use it, why would someone use if they already use a image optimization plugin

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Your site clearly is using the Polish feature.

Cloudflare does deliver a WebP file but without changing the URL, so you cant tell if it works by checking the URL, but the MIME-Type, or “content-type” header
On this image you saved 7.2% (from 48809kb to 45292kb) by using Polish. That is a lot considered how small that image is.


I’m seeing quite a few images converted to WebP, and this was my first connection to your site:


This is interesting information. I thought the files would have the .webp extension but now I understand that the .jpg extension is kept.

There are several scenarios where this can happen:

  1. There was no Accept header in the request indicating webp support.
  2. The converted image was larger than the original.
  3. Image conversion is asynchronous. The first request is served unconverted, and the conversion happens in parallel. Subsequent requests will receive the converted image. (This is to ensure the response is fast, not necessarily the smallest response)
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On free plan can we use vary header with cloudflare?