Image management for several sites

We want to use one Cloudflare account for images for 6 sites. Can images from each site be compartmentalized into specific site folders instead of just one big image dump that is current on CF images

Hi, we don’t have folder structure in Images. But you can try the combination of R2 + Images Resizing + Workers products

Do you have any further guidance beyond simply naming these products? Seems like there would be some amount of work involved to use R2 + Images Resizing + Workers to manage a folder structure. I have this exact same problem for one site and some thing with more detail would be very helpful.

As is, I’ve subscribed to images but the implementation seems so simplistic with just one big bucket for all images that I can’t make sense of how to use it properly for a hierarchy of images.

You are running into the same concerns we have. Scale. With dozens of articles going up daily, Its not time management effective. We really want to use this service however this is a severe limitation. Creating Workers for this is well beyond the average user of CF. I hope they resolve something that you would think would be the first thing they would consider.

Yeah, I went ahead and cancelled my subscription after about an hour of playing with the super basic UI and issuing a few curl commands. I had to subscribe just to see the UI and it really wasn’t a great use of my time.

There are two things I would like to do, one is host my sites static images through CF and the next to to host 3rd party dynamic images that update every 5 mins. I know these are supported things but they can’t be done with this service itself and I don’t see a clear path from CF for these features.

I found a repo on Github to serve that purpose but it’s all manual and I’d have to spend a fair amount of time understanding the code and setup and subsequent changes necessary to my site to consume it.

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