Image Loading Issues

Hey Experts,

I hope you are doing great, my blog faces the issue of images not loading, randomly, can it be related to caching in any way?

Please point me in the right direction, Thanks

Here is the URL:

In all likelihood you’re facing the problem because you are converting mages to WebP format at the origin. If you are on a paid plan, you can turn that feature off at the origin and use Polish instead.

If you are on the Free Plan, the only way you can serve WebP out of your origin is if you also instruct the browser to replace the images after testing for the browser’s compatibility with WebP. That must be done within the page’s HTML. Otherwise Cloudflare will cache WebP images after a visit by a compatible browser, and deliver them to non-compatible browsers (most notably iOS browsers).

If you are a developer, you can google for Chrome’s own suggestion to inline a JavaScript that will test for compatibility and replace images accordingly. You may also find WordPress plugins that may do this for you, but the only one I know is paid after a certain number of images.

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