Image Hotlinking Blocking Not Working

I am trying to prevent image hotlinking on my shopify site and someone said cloudlare will do that. Well, I have activated it, but it appears to not work. All images are able to be hotlinked. Anything I am missing here?

Site USScenics .com
Example image to test without chaching page

Yes, Cloudflare does have a rudimentary hotlinking feature, but that will naturally only work for images loaded via a URL under Cloudflare’s control. That is obviously not the case here, as you are referencing all your images from, and hence Cloudflare can’t un-hotlink anything either.

You either talk to your CDN provider about that, or - if you want to use Cloudflare - make sure all your image URLs point to your own domain (on Cloudflare) instead of the CDN.

That is what I figured. Shopify are idiots with this issue.

Also, should you move your URLs to Cloudflare, and should your domain be configured with your current provider, they usually configure your domain for Cloudflare already and that will override your settings.

That’s not the issue here, but something to take into account should you want to use Cloudflare.

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