Image download not work

My website generates a certificate as an image for users, who can download it.
When they trying to download, it takes a long time then failed although it was working properly.

This is an example of a user certificate page, try to click download to detect the problem on the right bottom,

Does this happen if you pause Cloudflare?

Something is adding some random junk to the top of those files. The example you provided begins (as seen in a hex editor):
20 ff d8 ff e0

Manually editing the file to remove that leading 20 gives me a readable JPG file once I have downloaded locally.

If the issue happens even if you pause Cloudflare, then you need to investigate further the process on your origin that generates those files.

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I didn’t try pausing Cloudflare, as it has happened suddenly, but it works at local properly.

How can I pause Cloudflare?

Overview tab, lower right corner. Then wait five minutes for it to take effect.

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