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Try this in Firewall → Tools:


should this function be active and in what mode to clean bots

Click on the blue button “Add” to make sure it’s allowed.

is this supposed to help?

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Not for everyday, but we usually enable it when we have some kind of strange traffic or actually under an attack.

Well, there are multiple ways to pass the “good” ones, and block the “bad” ones.


Therefore, you could disable the “I am under an attack” - just saying, do you need it right now? Why was it enabled in the first place, if I may ask due to my curiosity?

1-does this function affect traffic if it works constantly
2-how do I allow the good access and prohibit the bad?
3 -enabled as soon as I started setting up and wanted to rid the site of bots

thank you for helping to sort out this issue, I hope to continue to help, I will be glad to accept help

1-does this function affect traffic if it works constantly
2-how do I allow the good access and prohibit the bad?
3 -enabled as soon as I started setting up and wanted to rid the site of bots

which mode is better to choose ? If I don’t want to get bad bots

I would recommend Medium.

Well, it could be bad for normal users and also bad for crawlers such as Google, Yandex, etc.
You would also lose visitors and pageviews, also lower SEO scores as you could disappear from search engines.
I would have it enabled only when needed in case of an attack.
Not for everyday usage.

If you give me a few moments, I could find topics and posts which contain a lists of some useful Firewall Rules for protection and similar.
Nevertheless, there is a Bot Fight Mode option also available in the Cloudflare dashboard which can be used and enabled.

Yes, everyone of us is different, but no matter what, we want “clean web traffic” :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and time spent, although I am not strong in English, I fully understood you

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yes, of course it would be interesting to see, Cloudflare dashboard tell me where to turn it on from bad bots

​To enable Bot Fight Mode:

  1. Go to Firewall tab
  2. Select Bots
  3. For Bot Fight Mode, select On (the button will have green color - it means this option is enabled)

In picture, it should look like below:

I found everything

Tell me this statistics of real people or all including queries

tell me, what kind of visits are these?

tell me, what kind of visits are these?

I believe both, “human” and “bots/crawlers” count as “requests” number.

This kind is a crawler/bot.
There are a lot of different crawlers/bots comming from different providers, even from the same AS numbers like Amazon, or Hetzner, or Contabo providers, even Google Cloud, etc.

If interested, and if you want to try to block this one in general, you could do it by using Firewall Rules.

May I add a useful link here:

Usefull FirewallTips can be found here using search :search: :

I would also suggest to you, reading and finding more information about Cloudflare security & protection options available to us (some depend on the Plan we are using, but in general good to know and consider using them):

Furthermore, depending on the attack type or rather “clean web traffic”, if we want to block specific and know “bad” user-agents, crawlers, etc., there are few I would recommend to add to your Firewall Rules , like the posted here:

You do need to add all of them and not block all of them, because you could block a lot and too much, even your own hosting provider which would result in having blocked even yourself from accessing or making sure your Website stops working properly because of it.
Good to look at them and by the time, add one by one and see how it goes.

Also, in case of an real attack, I would recommend below:

Nevertheless, this one “SimplePie Feed Parser” is being challenged / blocked as it says by the Bot Fight Mode option (being enabled from now on at your CF dashboard for your domain name).

Please, be aware you might need to spend some time to learn how to properly use Firewall Rules. You are always free and welcome to write another topic here at the Cloudflare Community Forums in case if needed :wink:

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