Image did show!

Hello !
From backend, when insert a product at some point come to the add image section, they go to upload the image, when the process ends instead of showing the loaded image it shows one in db already loaded some time ago, but it does randomly, not always

Have any idea.


YES my friend.

Does the image have the same path and filename as the old one? It could just be a caching issue.

In the Cloudflare Dashboard’s Overview section, use Quick Action to put your site in Development Mode. This will bypass the cache and hopefully show the correct image.

it stays Delop Mode for all the time ???

Developer Mode turns off after a few hours. Does the new image show up now?

yes but backend upload images often.
How can i solve this situation

Add a Page Rule to stop caching those images.

Match:*.jpg (or hopefully a specific path where those images reside:*.jpg)
Add Setting: Cache Level (Bypass)

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