Image caching problem

I updated some product images a month ago, and while updating those images, I did not make any changes to the image names.
To this day, only the thumbnails of the images on the product pages have changed, but the main image still shows the old image instead of the new one.
I contacted WordPress support and they told me it was a caching issue.
I have cleared the cache in Cloudflare many times, but it still doesn’t work.
I sent a message to Cloudflare support 5 days ago and never got a reply.
I hope you guys can reply me soon, the image caching issue is a very serious problem for us.

If you purged the Cloudflare cache, this is probably a cache done elsewhere, either at your origin, or even at your browser.

Try visiting your site with incognito mode. If the new images are showing, it’s probably browser caching that’s making you see the old images, and there’s no way to purge them for all visitors other then to either change the image file name, or add/change a query string.

If old images appear while in incognito mode, it’s probably a origin server cache, and you need to purge them either by yourself or with the help or your hosting provider.

OK, thanks. I will try it.

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