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Hi Guys,
I am newbie on cloudflare my account is activated and set full ssl support .Now the issue is on my main domain all images are disappear and unable to upload new images .I have two sub domain also one of subdomain not working when browsing sub domain error show (This site can’t be reached sub server IP address could not be found.

Please what can i do now.second sub domain working fine.


Without knowing the domain, there’s not much we can look into. It’s probably a combination of Mixed Content, and DNS.

For starters, go to the Crypto settings page at Cloudflare and turn on Always use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites


my domain name is


The four images that aren’t working have a Content Type of text/html.

I haven’t tried this, but maybe the following line in .htaccess would fix that:
AddType image/png .png


This normally indicates you don’t have a DNS record for the subdomain. Make sure the subdomain value matches what appears in your browser bar in DNS.

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