I'm writing a book – Cloudflare for Speed and Security

Hey the community,

I’m so excited to finally share with you what I’ve been working on recently.

One month ago I asked my audience what they wanted to learn about Websites, APIs and Servers security.

From the feedback, I’ve identified a few recurring pain points that I’ve started to address (and many more) in this new book.

From theory to practice, you will learn how low-level network and security protocols work. How to configure Cloudflare to secure and scale your web applications. How to create serverless applications and which database to chose with serverless functions. How to optimize your caching policies. How to distribute videos globally. And a lot of other things, all of that while significantly reducing your cloud bill.

Today, the book is far from ready, but I still wanted to release it as “Early Access”. First, to enable you to start learning today and, secondly, to garner feedback and refine the book’s content.

Between writing, editing, and technical reviewing, it can take some time to complete a book. That’s why I release my books before they are fully completed - so you can commence learning before the book is 100% ready, provide feedback, and help shape the content. Rest assured, all future updates are free of charge.

The final publication date is set for mid-January 2024.

Bonuses: If you purchase Cloudflare for Speed and Security before November 4, 2023, you’ll get my bestseller, Black Hat Rust [1], for free! Yes, you read it right, two books for less than the price of one!

Furthermore, all early-access supporters will receive the checklist I use to quickly set up a new domain on Cloudflare, ensuring the right balance between security, performance, and user experience.

Lastly, the price is likely to increase once the book transitions out of Early Access, so don’t postpone getting your copy.

Sylvain :v:

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