I'm waiting too long for the cloudflare's check

Hello my domain is http://sfgame.best

I have added these nameservers cloudflare asks me to my registrar:


I have also changed the things it asks me in DNS:

I have pressed the recheck 4-5 times now… I still do not receive the activation email of cloudflare. Am I doing anythings wrong?

For starters, the two NS records in your screenshot are wrong and you should remove them.

Then, you did set your domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare, however you havent removed the two vior ones. You need to do that first.

But if I remove those, won’t I lose my web hosting’s access?

You have to remove them, otherwise you cant use Cloudflare. Please read support.cloudflare.com

No, unless your host forces you to use their nameservers, you wont lose anything. Of course, you need to make sure the DNS records on Cloudflare match your host.

They do match. As I’ve said, I replaced the jellyhops with the cloudflare ones. Okay, I removed the ns1 and ns2.vior.pl, I pressed recheck and now I guess I’ll wait.

Correct, now there are only Cloudflare’s nameservers and it should check out just fine.

Okay I got the email now. What if I want to add a subdomain? For example http://sfgame.best loads perfectly, but my subdomain I had (http://w1.sfgame.best) doesn’t.

Do I just have to do this?

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