Im very not knowlegable and in need of help

Hi everyone!
(Didn’t know where this post should go, so the category descriptions told me to post it here)
Sorry if this is a post that repeats itself however many times, was looking for it but didn’t really find any actual solve to the issue.

I’m having a problem with captcha repeating every time I reload or im inactive on website for longer than 5 minutes. Contacted website owners they told me it is not really happening by their end since they checked it.

Thing is I do get captcha only on ONE webstie from only ONE device. Checked same website on other devices which are connected to the same network and it works perfectly fine. In terms of software I was looking for anything that may have caused it but honestly, this is PC that I use only for games and I haven’t downloaded anything on it for like half a year for now.

Was considering contacting my internet provider for IP reset but then thing is, other devices work perfectly fine on that website and I’m not getting any captcha.

Anyone have any ideas what could be possible solutions to this issue?

Thanks in advance.

“Not really happening” doesn’t instill much confidence.

If it’s a Cloudflare reCAPTCHA page, then it should be showing up in the site owner’s Firewall logs. It’s quite possible they lowered their challenge passage time to 5 minutes.

So still my goal would be contacting them? Today on ordering food I realized I have the captcha on one more website apperantly. Easiest solution in that scenario would be changing the IP or something else? I just have no clue what may have happened and why this only happens only on one of devices connected to same wi-fi (none of them use any vpn).

Yes. We have no way of knowing why they are challenging your requests so often and have no control over their settings.

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