I'm under attack on my gamecardshop.com site

I’m under attack on my gamecardshop.com site

I don’t see it stopping.
activate Under Attack Mode

enable DDoS
activate Bot Fight Mode

and i’m still under attack
I send you a log from access.log

What plan are you on? Can show post some pictures of the WAF overview?

If you have enabled Under Attack Mode and you are still being DDoSed, have you checked if the attackers are hitting your site’s origin server directly? It’s possible your IP was leaked through an external call on your server, or it’s logged from before you switched to Cloudflare. You may want to verify that your origin server is locked down, ie. set up authenticated origin pulls and block access to all IPs except Cloudflare’s.


if the attacker knows the real server’s ip before you use Cloudflare is still possible to attack you, this happens when you use some free/nulled software the attackers can pickup real ip’s, what i am proposing to test is rent another server and transfer your data there for testing, or you might be on a shared hosting and some other fellow is beign attacked and you take the splash cause its same server.

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