"I'm under attack" mode serves a POST request that is not compatible with Nginx


I’m using the “I’m under attack” mode. Once the challenge has been successfully passed by the user, he is redirected to the website, but with a POST request https://…/?cf_chl_managed_tk=…

My website is hosted on a Nginx server, and, unfortunately, Nginx can’t serve static content on POST request, which leads to an error “405 Not Allowed” for the user

I also can’t modify the Nginx config file because the hosting servive doesn’t allow me to.

I have found similar cases on the community forum, but no response has been provided (e.g. Error 405 on POST method using ssl and pages hosting - #3 by ilua.pisar )

Is there any way I could change this request to make GET request instead?
Or any workaround possible?



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