I'm unable to select a plan when trying to set up applications in zero trust dashboard

I’m unable to select a plan to set up an application to access via the Zero Trust Dashboard. I go through, add a credit card, and on the last screen the purchase button is available, but when I click it it does nothing. Looking at the developer tools, a 402 error is being thrown in the console.

Please help!

Similar issues experienced by other people.

Can you please open an account ticket here: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

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The bot in the ticket is telling me to post this in communities and not in a ticket because I don’t have a good enough plan to submit a ticket. I couldn’t upgrade my plan even if I wanted to so now I’m just stuck. Is there anything that can be done without a ticket? Frustrating…

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You should be able to submit an account ticket. Looks like there are multiple people who are reporting the same issue, and we are working on escalating it.

Yes I could create one, but the bot immediately closed it. I replied and I think it’s still open but not sure.

It is. Thank you @Cyb3r-Jak3 & @pottsga for alerting the team.

I’m experiencing the exact same issue :slightly_frowning_face:

Same problem. Posted a ticket.

On the Zero Trust Overview page it says:

Blockquote Looks like you’re still part of a legacy plan. Refer to our updated plans to get the best of Cloudflare Zero Trust.

Maybe there is something funky with the account plan settings.

Tagging along in here as I have the same problem as the rest of you. Purchase button does nothing.

For all following, the billing engineering team is aware of the issue and working on it. Don’t have an ETA at this time.


Our team has deployed a fix for this. You should all be able to complete the plan selection process now.

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