I'm unable to add any reccord!

Hey Guys,

I’m unable to add any record! After clicking on Save, the page is refreshing and the records are not been there.

Cheers / Ben.

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It does appear as if an update today broke something. I escalated it to engineering and will keep you posted.

Thank you. I can’t access my new website, since I can’t point it to the new server!

I would assume the API may work - api.cloudflare.com - but for now you can’t use the UI. As mentioned, I will keep you updated.

I wish I knew how to use the API.

There’s an example


But maybe just wait until it is fixed. It’s currently still mostly convincing engineering that there is an issue, but I would assume this will be fixed in the next hour. Assumption, no guarantee :smile:

Thanks, I’ll wait :+1:

Will keep you posted as promised :slight_smile:

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Same problem here.

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Yes, there is an issue, no need to send further replies.

also having this issue, my luck that something goes down while im trying to add a new record. hope its not a pain for the engineers to fix

Everyone who ran into the issue, can you post which browser you are using?

Firefox 108

I must add and edit some DNS records, but for some reason I’m unable to do so. An error message VERY BRIEFLY flashes at the bottom of the screen, and it says something like “Application error: PUT (url) failed (undefined)”. All other settings pages are fine, and importing/deleting DNS records also works fine.

I tried with several browsers, and all had the same issue.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on, and hopefully, to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance for any assistance!

@dion, you had the issue with Chrome too?

@user18702, as mentioned before, try the REST API.


Cloudflare may have broken it only on Firefox. If you have access to another browser, try that too.

Yes, It seems to work fine on Microsoft Edge!

I don’t use Chrome. I tried with FIrefox, Safari, and Vivaldi…all with the same issue. Firefox is my regular browser, and I’m using ESR102.6.0.